Many people at the City of Perth and elsewhere have contributed their time, energy and expertise to the planning, research, design and implementation of this online exhibition to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Perth Town Hall.

Particular thanks to:

City of Perth Elders, for their support and assistance with developing content: Elder Farley Garlett; Elder Albert McNamara; Elder Irene McNamara; Elder Margaret Culbong.

City of Perth Cultural Advisory Committee member, Barbara Bynder.

Community members, who have shared memories and lent objects: Annette Parker; Colleen Dixon; George and Beryl Long; Halyna Way; Helen Mountstephen; Jan Parkinson; Joanne Hyland; Kate Kelly; Kevin Wulff; Lance Langford; Max Grunberg; Peter Mitchell; Primrose Allen; Royceton Hardy; Steve Weeks; Michael Smith; Robert Smith; Cathryn Parker; Louise Hayden; Margaret Davies; Richard Offen; Valerie Bannan.

Wedding Photographs: Sophie Vowles; Meeka Liveris; Merilyn Ciancotti; Monica Little; Elaine Gregs; Wendy Dixon; Natalie Dunkeld; Tracey Horner; Emily Christos; Denise Pinto; Briana Toy; Libby Lai; Sophie Maskelyne; Beryl MacLennan and George Long; Josie Tricoli; O’Connell Family; Helen Robson; Helen & Nick Barratt; Julie Freeman; Ada Chung; Grant & Rekha Watson.

City of Perth staff, who have provided invaluable support and assistance: Simone Johnston; Emily Hordern; Kate Parker; Lauretta Davies; Farrah Kabbani; Beverley Iles; Hannah Eames; Karen Abercrombie; Jenna Lynch; Colleen Dixon; Scott Simpson; Paula Helander, Brooke Hunter.

Sources for images and objects. State Library of Western Australia, reproduced with the permission of the Library Board of Western Australia; Royal Western Australian Historical Society; WA Newspapers; National Archives of Australia; newspaper articles from Trove courtesy of the National Library of Australia; City of Perth Cultural Collections; State Records Office.

Video: Genrefonix

Nyoongar songs: Gina Williams: vocals. Guy Ghouse: guitar. Clint Bracknell: composer.

Photographs: Annelie Hansen Photography

School Education Program: Megan Mentz

Nyoongar Translations: Sharon Gregory

Design: Paul Morgan

Website: Crush

Exhibition Manager: Richenda Prall

Curator: Caroline Bird

City of Perth acknowledges there are alternative spellings of Noongar language. With respect to all the different spellings City of Perth honours the Noongar Elders who created the Marribank spelling system in the 1990's. 

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