Education and Community Outreach

Education Program

Scouts dressed for performing in their annual meeting display at Perth Town Hall, 1934. SLWA 095312PD

A cross curricular education program offering three individual programs for Primary and High School with detailed resources:

Program 1

Years 2 to 10, ‘Kuraree – the place’.
Curriculum area: Humanities and Social Sciences. 

Program 2

Pre-Primary to Year 8, ‘Music: Miago’s Songs’.
Curriculum area: Music.

Program 3

Pre-Primary to Year 6, ‘Civic community, Celebrations and Commemorations at Perth Town Hall – the Heart of the City’.  
Curriculum area: Humanities and Social Sciences.

Perth Town Hall 150th Celebrations Community Bunting Project

Decorations in Barrack Street for visit of the Duke & Duchess of York, 1901. SLWA 012500D

How you can help!

You can create a 150th Birthday Bunting for the Town Hall. The City of Perth are asking individuals and community groups to create bunting, either embroidered, printed, or painted to be sewn joined together and displayed at the Town Hall for future celebrations and commemorations.

The Bunting will be added to the City of Perth Cultural Collections with the individual makers names recorded as a thank you for participating in this wonderful community initiative.

Please email for more details and template

Aged Care Program

CWA spinning demonstration, Perth Town Hall, 1935. RWAHS P1999.4430

The City of Perth are offering talks on how the Perth Town Hall 150th anniversary online exhibition was put together for people in aged care to enjoy, encompassing snippets and surprises, Both online talks and face to face (Covid-19 allowing) can be arranged.

Get a glimpse behind the scenes at Perth’s online new exhibition!

The City of Perth are offering snippets and surprises for people in aged care to enjoy showing how the Perth Town Hall 150th Anniversary online exhibition was put together.

The exhibition, titled Kuraree, the Heart of Perth, tells tales of camels and costumes, roller skates and tea parties, as well as the civic history of our capital city. Something for everyone to enjoy.

The talks can be adapted for people living with dementia and their carers. Both online talks, and face to face talks (COVID-19 allowing), can be arranged.

Please email

Online Puzzles

Shops are built into the ground floor of Perth Town Hall, the Hay Street side, 1925. State Library of Western Australia image 008813PD.
Perth Town Hall, looking west down Hay Street, ca. 1907. State Library of Western Australia image 009955PD.
Westward view along Hay Street from outside the Perth Town Hall and shops below, Western Australia, ca. 1955. State Library of Western Australia image 179083PD.

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