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I feel sure that the City officers, in whose especial charge it may for the time be, will always place it at the disposal of those who seek to promote hospitality, sociability, and rational amusement for the people generally.

…fitting times of relaxation from work, friendly hospitality and recreation

The Town Hall is a social centre for the people of Perth. All kinds of gatherings have been held here over the years. Weddings, dances, sporting competitions, dinners, political meetings, lectures, auctions, lottery draws, concerts, shows and demonstrations of all kinds, elections – just a selection of the community uses of the Town Hall over the last 150 years.

Boorloo miya bandang moort yoowarl koorl. Boola bonar baalap kalyakoorl nyinalanginy, mereny ngaarniny, warangkiny, kakarookiny wer bardip yanginy.

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