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Civic Life

and I take this moment to bid you bear well in mind that your new form of Government, like this Hall, is wide enough to embrace within its four comers all classes of the community, differences of opinion, majorities and minorities, and all varied interests; yet, to make them work together, you must steadily bear in mind that motto, 'commune bonum,'— 'The public good.' so felicitously inscribed on their banner by the City Council.
… within the walls civic virtue and good judgement may guide your councils

The Perth Town Hall is at the centre of formal civic life. Here, the Perth City Council once met to plan for the future of the city. The offices of the Town Clerk were here. The Town Hall has been the venue for official functions, and a place to honour service, to celebrate key events and anniversaries and to welcome visitors. Today, the Perth City Council has outgrown the Town Hall, but it remains as a function centre and performance venue – and much-loved landmark in the historic heart of Perth.

Boorloo miya baal moorditj winin. Nidja koomba miya baal moordidj-ak nyinalanginy wer boola moort yoowarl koorling. Yeyi Boorloo miya baal koomba-biny wer moorditj bardip koort Boorloo-k.

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